Spirulina Production Kit

Spirulina Production Kit

With this kit you get everything you need to grow, maintain, and harvest your own fresh Spirulina superfood, other than a few things you can get from your local aquarium supply, all at a great price.

In this kit you receive:

  1 liter of dense, live Spirulina culture, 

  Starter medium mix for 72 liters of medium,

  Metals solution for 400 liters of medium,

  An 18”x18” piece of harvest cloth,

  Post-harvest mix to produce 14.3 pounds (6.5kg) of fresh Spirulina,

  And a copy of our Grow Your Own Spirulina book, with everything you need to know to grow, harvest, and maintain your own Spirulina farm.

This kit also comes with our no-fail guarantee, with technical support from Dr. Baum, to ensure you are successful in your Spirulina venture!