In addition to our in-person workshops and online trainings, Dr. Baum can offer you personal, focused, expert advice on your algae projects, as well as assistance with planning, design, and fundraising.

Dr. Baum is CTO and Senior Scientist at GreenSpring Farms (  He received his scientific training, and his doctorate, at Harvard and Stanford Universities, and has been working exclusively on algaculture since 2006. He has worked on algae projects all over the world, including several years on the NASA OMEGA project, SRI International, the Maui Tropical Algae Farm, All Power Labs, and many backyard projects.  He has worked with diverse algae genera including Haematococcus, Chlorella, Scenedemus, and Arthrospira (Spirulina). He is an accomplished teacher, having served as a professor at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco. Dr. Baum developed and created the first ever home-grow Spirulina kits in 2008, and has taught hundreds of algae farmers through his book, online consultations, and workshops. His book, Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood: A Simple How-To Guide, is available on in Kindle and physical formats.

To read a sample of his writing, have a look at the AlgaeLab blog, or read one of his books. To obtain his help on your algae project, contact us here.