Aaron Baum, Ph.D.

Aaron founded our first algae lab at All Power Labs. He comes to us by way of Harvard, Stanford, Silicon Valley, and Burning Man. He has a passion for sustainability, teaching, and science in general. Did we mention that he is quite friendly? Check his website (drfriendy.tv) and his blog, Farmer On Mars (farmeronmars.blogspot.com) to learn more about the Doctor’s pursuits

Pons Materum III

Pons is an alumnus of UC Berkeley, (BA in Cognitive Science) and is preparing to apply to Med School. He loves making things (cooking, wood- and metal-work, electronics, etc) and exploring sustainable lifestyles. He is the founder of Home Food Science (HomeFoodScience.com), a site looking at the science that goes into what we eat, and, in addition to his forays into algae, experiments with homebrewing beer, growing gourmet mushrooms, and fermenting all sorts of things.