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Will my Spirulina die during shipping? How long can I keep it alive in a bottle, so I can get together my kit or keep a reserve?

I want to grow using an AlgaeLab kit, obtaining my own algae. Where can I get live Spirulina culture for my kit?

What size tank should I start with? How big can I go?

How long does it take to grow from the kit with the 1 liter starter bottle, until I can start harvesting from my tank?

How can I grow Spirulina organically?

Do I need starter culture? If I just add nutrients to water won’t algae grow “spontaneously”?

Can I harvest multiple times? How do I use the Make-Up Mix? What supplies will I need over the long term? What is their shelf life?

Are there any concerns about contamination, or other organisms growing in the tank?

What strain of Spirulina are your cultures, and where does it come from?

Why the focus on Spirulina? Do you help with growing other types of algae?

Can you help me make biofuel from algae?

Why do I need the harvest cloth? Can’t I just drink the algae water?

How much Spirulina will I be able to harvest from my tank, how often, and for how long?

How do I use the Make-Up Mix?

How do I keep my Spirulina alive when I go on vacation? Can they be “parked” for a while?

Can I use artificial lights to grow my algae?

What are the health benefits of eating Spirulina?

Is live Spirulina better for you than the powder or pills I can get at the health food store?

How long does the live, fresh Spirulina last? How can I preserve it?

Is there an optimal artificial light to use for growing Spirulina?

How big would the setup need to be in order to create about 100gm of spirulina each day?

I have an old swimming pool/hot tub I am not using. Could I convert it into a Spirulina pond and grow in quantity?

What’s a good method for determining algae harvest time – how do I know my culture is ready to be harvested? Is there a good method for determining growth over given time?

My culture is forming foam at the top! What is going on?

Where does Spirulina grow naturally? Can I grow them under “natural” conditions so that cultivation will be less work?

What temperature range is best for Spirulina?

Can you eat too much Spirulina?